Marucci echo connect review fastpitch

2020 Echo Connect Composite Review

Marucci has been producing amazing Wood and Baseball bats for years, and now it has expanded its horizon to make the best fastpitch bats with its crown jewel, the Echo Connect Composite fastpitch bat.

The Marucci Echo Connect was released in 2020, is very successful since then. There is no significant change outside, though the new MDX composite construction barrel leaves a considerable impact inside.

The Echo Connect Composite fastpitch bat provides the girls with a nice in-hand feel, easy and lightweight swing, great durability, and consistent performance during contact hitting.

The Echo Connect finds its top competitor in Easton Ghost Advanced but costs considerably lower than Easton.

Continue reading this page for an in-depth and thorough review of Echo Connect Composite fastpitch bat.

Marucci echo connect review fastpitch


The bat is designed for contact hitter girls, so it offers a great pop with minimum effort. The bat gives the hitters a balance of power and control throughout the game.

So, expect to throw the pitches out of the field even if you have no significant experience in hitting.

Vibrations and Sweet Spot

The barrel of the Marucci Echo Connect Composite is there to ensure seamless energy transfer so that no vibrations reach your hands during hitting.

So, the hitters can practice their game comfortably without any unrest in their hands.

Also, the Echo Connect has a huge barrel which offers a wide sweet spot. The responsiveness of the sweet spot is such that you hardly miss any ball while hitting.

2020 Echo Connect Composite is as consistent in performance as the Easton Ghost Advanced.

Swinging and In-hand feel

The 2020 Marucci Echo Connect Composite fastpitch softball bat swings lightly and throws the ball across the strike zone with great pop. Due to the lightweight and easy swinging, young players love this bat crazily.

Echo Connect Composite fastpitch bat provides the girls with a comfortable grip and feels amazing in their hands. Due to the smooth feel, girls hit the pitches comfortably, even if they are new to the field.

Durability Concerns?

Previously, the Marucci's Echo fastpitch bat received many complaints about durability, but the Marucci Echo Connect fastpitch has impressed the players with its strong durability.

Also, the most notable competitors of the Echo Connect, such as Meta and Ghost, etc., have serious longevity issues.

So, the high longevity of the Marucci Echo Connect outcompetes the rivals and becomes the only sustainable choice for fastpitch softball players.


It is the best two-piece composite bat for girls looking for a light swinging bat and a highly responsive barrel with a massive sweet spot for contact hitting.

The bat solves the longevity issues with competitors such as Easton Ghost, and a specialized bat for contact hitters, the Demarini Prism +.

Talking about the price, this bat costs about $150 less than the Easton competitor, with comparable performance and a far better durability. 

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