2022 DeMarini-Dale Brungardt Signature bat

2021 DeMarini Dale Brungardt Signature Nautalai Slowpitch Bat Review

The DeMarini brand of slowpitch bats offer good advantages to all slowpitch players!It's manufacturing techniques and design provide many features of its bats that help the demarini to stand out among the competition from the baseball market.

They bring their bats with new technologies such as the Divergence Barrel with a gapped wall that helps to increase the trampoline effect.

The best thing about this bat is when Dale Brungardt steps on the ground, opponents get chills down their spine.

Demarini introduced the 2021 Demarini Dale Brungardt signature Nautaliai slowpitch softball bat, the endload monster bat player has come to love in its icy new look.

DeMarini Dale Brungardt signature Nautalai slowpitch Bat Review

This bat comes with the new 240 stamp, which means this bat is ready to play the season by storm.

Demarini Dale Brungardt's signature Nautalia slowpitch softball bat is the latest version of Demarini 2021.

DeMarini Dale Brungardt Signature Nautalai

Overview of this Bat

DeMarini  Dale comes into the market with two-piece construction. This bat offers the standard barrel with an awesome end-loaded barrel.

This bat provides the players hot right away with a great feel and has an awesome swing. 

Demarini made this bat too hot out of the wrapper. Players can't wait to get more swings when this bat comes to their hand.

This bat is designed and built in the USA.

Demarini dale Brungardt's signature nautical slowpitch bat comes with 34 inches and 25 oz in weight

Features and Performance of this slowpitch softball Bat

Demarini  Dale has a 12-inch barrel that is constructed with continuous fibre technology. which helps to provide comfort and durability to the players.

The continuous fibre barrel rolled a single sheet of super strong composite to offer high performance from players' first hit to last hit.

Its barrel helps with gapped walls to increase the trampoline effect.

There  is another best feature of this bat is players find a combo of the ZNX  alloy handle, that is very durable and flexible, so less to deflect and provides more great performance.

The  ZnX alloy handle helps to increase stiffness and durability. And less flex in the handle that provides more deflection for improving the barrel performance.

Balance Type

This bat is an end loaded swing weight type.

Pop of Demarini Dale Brungardt Signature Nautalai Slowpitch Bat

This bat provides awesome pop with a massive sweet spot on contact.

Durability of this Slowpitch Softball Bat

Demarini  Dale bat is made from aluminium material, and its barrel is made from composite material both types of material provide this bat with long durability.

Comfortability of the bat

The handle is made from ZnX alloy that helps to provide good comfortability to the slowpitch softball players.

Approved to play for

Demarini Dale this slowpitch softball bat is approved for USSSA, ISA, and NSA games.

Warranty of this Demarini Dale Brungardt Signature Nautalai Slowpitch Bat

This bat comes with a twelve-month warranty, players have to confirm its warranty information because the warranty is only provided from demarini authorized sites.

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