Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Maple C271

2021 Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Review

This Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Maple Wood Bat is the most popular model at the major league level. It comes with lots of features like black finish with white branding. 

Its lineup is the pinnacle of wood bats.

The Louisville Slugger team has applied their extensive wood bat knowledge to develop this product, from knob to cup is unbeatable on the baseball field.

Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Maple C271

Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Maple C271 Review

Overview of the Bat

This bat is best for contact hitter and power hitter both. 

Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Maple C271 Bat is a constructed one-piece design, and it comes with a standard handle, and barrel with max knob taper. And it is constructed with Amish Veneer Maple wood ( that material is known for its durability, amish veneer maple wood provide this bat long durabile)

It is a well balanced bat that provides a balanced swing.

There is a Seamless Decal Technology that gives a good look-even after countless trips on the bat.

Baseball Players can easily read the medallion embedded in the knob identifying the characteristics of the player's bat.

Features and Performance Of The Bat

This Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Maple C271 Bats is a one-piece design bat with Amish Veneer Maple Maple Material wood. 

It has a standard handle with medium size of barrel, that provides comfortability and helps to swing easily.

Its handle size is 15/16 inch. With a medium size of barrel 2 1/2 inch. And its end is like a pro cup.

There is a lizard skin Grip in this bat, that provides a baseball player a good comfortability, and reduces the vibration when the player hits the baseball.

And this bat is featured with a Exopro finish-this features helps to make this wood bat so hard, like twice as hard as its previous version. An EXO ARMOR feature provides a revolutionary finish that is twice the hardness of a  daily use bat.

Mlb Prime Maple C271 wood bat is made of Bone rubbed technology, that ensures to maximize the barrel hardness.

Vibration Of The Bat

This bat has a lizard skin grip which helps to manage the vibration when the bat hits the ball. So this bat has less vibration.

Pop Of The Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Maple Bat

The standard handle and maple wood made barrel provides amazing pop when the players hit the baseball, and when they hit the ball, its sweet spot sound is amazing.

Durability Of The Bat

Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Wood bat is made from amish veneer maple wood, and this material is very densest timber and provides for a harder hitting surface comparison to other bats. And it provides durability also.

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Size Of The Bat

Louisville Slugger Mlb Prime launched this bat in different sizes, which are given below.

31 inch

32 inch

33 inch 

34 inch 

These are the sizes of the MLB prime Maple Bat, players can choose one of the given sizes of bat, according to their need.

Balanced Type of the Bat

This bat is made by dropping -3 weight and is a well balanced bat. For hitters.

I hope after reading the Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Maple C271 Review article, Now you are aware of this Baseball bat.

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