2022 Easton ADV 360 USA Youth Baseball Bat

2022 Easton ADV 360 USA Bat Review

Easton ADV is a worldwide brand leading manufacturer of softball and baseball equipment, this is the most iconic brand in a baseball sport.

2022 Easton ADV 360 USA Youth Baseball Bat Review

2022 Easton ADV 360 USA Youth Baseball Bat Review

ADV 360 is specially designed to deliver gap shots and deep dingers with this USA baseball bat. And it is one of the true top-of-the-line USA Certified Baseball Bat.

This Bat is built with the coveted 2-piece design, and you will find the specific composite material that will be employed for its barrel, which is launched by Easton's that displays an impressive barrel shape and provides a large sweet spot.

The best part of this bat is its barrel is linked to the DFS Composite  Handle by way of an iSo 2-Piece CXN Connector piece.

Due to its Flo-Tack Grip and power boost soft knob its handle should be super comfortable to hold. And its soft knob is especially neat as it serves a threefold purpose.

360 Youth Bat is able to provide hitters with more leverage.

2022 Easton ADV 360 USA Youth Baseball Bat Feature

Easton ADV 360 is built as a two-piece design bat, by using composite material.
It is built by dropping four different weight ratios that are -5, -8, -10, and -11 and these different weight ratios make this balanced bat.

This provides a big barrel shape, and its barrel is built from composite material, which gives a lengthy sweet spot. 

The best feature of this bat is its iSo 2-Piece ConneXion, which is used to connect a piece that is filled with nitro cell foam, which puts a limit on vibration at the same time.

And the iSo 2-piece will also provide a stiffer connection at contact with the baseball.

A DFS Carbon Handle gives a solid feel on hitting the baseball that should assist the connector piece in limiting vibration.

A Power Boost Knob and Soft Knob provide a comfortable swinging experience for the player's bottom hand. And it helps to increase leverage, and power potential and cut down on any vibrations which get the past connection piece.

And a flow-back Grip is used to provide the utmost cushion and traction on a batter’s hands during contact.

The Durability 2022 Easton ADV 360 USA Youth Bat

It is built from composite material that provides long durability to this baseball bat.

The Vibration Of This USA Baseball Bat

There is a power Boost and Soft Knob is used to avoid or put a limit on the vibration so, this bat has low vibration.

Sweet Spot of Easton ADV Bat

It has a big barrel shape which provides a lengthy sweet spot to its users. So there is a sweet spot in this bat.

Certification of this USA Youth Baseball Bat

Easton ADV 360 is approved for play in cal ripken, aabc, babe ruth, dixie youth, pony, little league, and nabf baseball.

Size And Weight Of This Baseball Bat

This baseball bat comes in three different sizes and weights that are given below.
30 inch 22 oz

31 inch 23 oz

32 inch 24 oz

These are the sizes and weights that are available and you can buy them.

Warranty of The Bat

It comes on the market with a full 12 month of manufacturing warranty.

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