2022 Easton hype bbcor baseball bat

2022 Easton Hype BBCOR Bat Review

Every Baseball Player knows the value of Easton's name in baseball’s world. Easton is one of the best brand names that make top baseball bats for players. And its bats have been coming in top lists for years.

If we talk about comfort, performance, durability, all these features are found in its bat.

2022 Easton ADV Hype BBCOR Bat Full Review

2022 Easton hype bbcor baseball bat

Once again Easton proved that it can also provide and fulfill the need of baseball players, By launching its 2022 Easton ADV hype bbcor bat. This is the latest bat of the Easton brand.

This bat is launched with the latest feature and technology that offers players to increase their potential on the baseball playing ground.

Overview of Easton ADV Hype Bat

Easton ADV Hype is the fanciest and most expensive bat that the Easton brand has made. This bat is for high school and college play with the BBCOR rating. It is very nice and pretty cool to play with the best bat on the field.

It is specially designed to bring storms to the baseball playground. Easton ADV is constructed as a two-piece design and this is a composite baseball bat.

Players will find a 2 5/8 inch barrel in diameter in this bat, it is made by dropping the 3 lengths to weight ratio.

This two-piece designed bat provides a balanced swing feel but is careful to choose the right size. Because if anyone bought the wrong sizes of the bat it can provide a feeling of a tiny bit loaded barrel.

Features of this Bat

There is a new thermo composite technology used to make this bat and in Easton's lineup, this hype bat is the lightest swinging bat ever.

Its composite barrel still shows the massive length and big sweet spot. And this feature creates an irresistible baseball bat for power hitters and contact hitters.

Players will find a New ConneXion Max feature also that helps to create a stiff feel at contact with a baseball. 

To provide a stiff feel it is filled with nitro cell foam to limit uncomfortable vibration from getting to a hitter’s hands.

Easton ADV Hype bat has a New Pro Stiff Carbon Handle that is built with really stiff carbon fibers to exhibit a solid feel. So its carbon handle provides an excellent feeling at the time of contact with the baseball.

For providing a Comfortable swinging experience for the bottom hand there is a power boost knob or soft knob available in this bat. This feature also helps to increase leverage and power potential and cut down on any vibrations.

The best part of this bat is there is a flow-Tack Grip is present in this BBCOR bat that provides the almost cushion and traction on the hitter’s hands or batting glove at the time of hitting the baseball.

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The Vibration of This Bat

Easton ADV Hype Bbcor bat has a feature of power boost knob that helps to cut down on any vibrations. So there is low vibration on this bat.

Pop and Sweet Spot Of This Bat:

This bat provides a giant sweet spot and great pop when it hits the baseball.

The Durability of This Bat:

It is constructed from composite material so this bat is durable too.

Legal for Play In:

This BBCOR Bat is Legal for play in the Intermediate and junior league divisions of little league. And this bat is also certified for high school and college play.

Size and Weight of The Bat

This bat comes in different sizes with different weights so players can choose according to their height and weight.

30 inch 27 oz

31 inch 28 oz

32 inch 29 oz

33 inch 30 oz

34 inch 31 oz

These are the different sizes of Easton adv bat, players can choose one among them.

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