2023 Axe Strato USA Bat

2023 Axe Strato Review

The one-piece alloy Axe Strato baseball bats for BBCOR, USSSA, and USA leagues excite the entry-level baseballers looking for a bat that swings lightly.

The in-hand feel of the bat is great for BBCOR and USSSA Axe Strato bats, but the USA version has uneven paint texture leading to a difficult grip.

It delivers a great performance, equating to the Marucci CAT X and Demarini Voodoo One bat 2023. The durability of BBCOR and USSSA is strong, but the USA bat still needs some improvements.

To read a thorough review of all the features of the new 2023 Axe Strato BBCOR, USSSA, and USA baseball bats, stay with us:

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The 2023 BBCOR Axe Strato bat is ideal for young players and kids who want to hit big with a light swing. The bat produces a huge pop and big exit velocities to throw the balls out of the field.


School players love to swing this bat for the great power it gives during the game with an effortless ultra-light swing. The bat is a great option for school players.


The USA Axe Strato is a balanced bat with a light and smooth swing, which works great for power and contact hitters at the school level. Huge exit velocities and immense pop make this bat popular for kids.

Vibrations and Sweet Spot


The new 2023 BBCOR version of the Axe Strato baseball bat is excellent at eliminating the vibrations on every mishit. So, the baseballers experience a comfortable hitting session with consistent performance.

The seamless energy transfer upon missed pitches does not let any vibrations get to your bottom hand, so you do not suffer from any sting or unrest to your hands while smashing pitches in the field with this bat.

The multi-wall alloy barrel of the 2023 Axe Strato baseball bat offers a massive sweet spot with great responsiveness. Due to the high generosity of this ring-free big sweet spot, baseballers experience hardly miss any pitches during practice.

The sweet spot of the 2023 Axe Strato BBCOR baseball bat is comparable to the Marucci CATX in length and forgiveness. 


Like the 2022 Axe Strato, the 2023 bat is also great at dampening all the vibrations so that the hitters do not experience any discomfort while playing with it. So, a comfortable and consistent performance.

Also, the sweet spot of the 2023 USSSA Axe Strato baseball bat is huge so you can expect minimum to no mishits. Contact hitters love to swing this bat for the great responsiveness and width of the barrel, which helps them practice the game with no dead spots.


The USA variant of the 2023 Axe Strato baseball bat is great, eliminating vibrations upon missed pitches, thus making way for consistent and comfortable hitting.

It transfers the energy smoothly and thus effectively bars the vibrations from reaching your hands in case of missed pitches.

The more consistent and smooth the bat's performance, the more players want it. The 2023 Axe Strato bat has a new and innovative barrel that offers consistent hitting due to its wide and generous sweet spot.

Swinging and In-hand feel


The new 2023 Axe Strato BBCOR is the manufacturer's most innovative and advanced baseball bat. The bat swings incredibly lightly and makes the playing experience smooth and comfortable.

Also, in-hand feel of this bat is superb. Due to the flared handle, you experience the most comfortable and smooth feeling. The feel of Axe Strato is comparable to Demarini Voodoo One 2023.


This bat's swing is incredibly lightweight, and thus it allows school players to practice their game without compromising comfort and control in the field.

Moreover, the feel of the 2023 Axe Strato baseball bat for USSSA leagues is fantastic. You can easily swing the bat for hours without feeling any unrest or sting on your hands.


The one-piece Axe Strato for 2023 USA swings lightly and helps young baseballers throw pitches across the strike zone with a little effort.

The in-hand feel of this bat is not as great as that of its USSSA and BBCOR counterparts. There were certain complaints about the paint giving uneven texture to the bat, which becomes difficult to hold in the game.

Durability Concerns?


The new 2023 BBCOR Axe Strato for baseball has got strong durability. The BBCOR bat has more durability than the other two bats by Axe this season, i.e., USSSA and USA variants.

The credit for the increased durability of the BBCOR Axe Strato goes to the end cap, built with the lightest and most durable material to add to the bat's longevity.


The USSSA version of the 2023 Axe Strato baseball bat has great longevity. The lighter end cap and the durable alloy barrel of the bat add to its longevity.

This bat has not gotten any complaints about durability so far, so we expect it to come out more durable than its previous model as the season passes.

So, you can compare the durability of this bat with that of the new Louisville Slugger Meta 2023. 


Unfortunately, the USA Axe Strato bat for 2023 has not won the trust of its users concerning its longevity.

There are many complaints that put the durability of this bat under question. Sometimes, there were dents in the bat after only a few shots. The paint of the bat chips off easily, also.

So, the manufacturers need to work on fixing the durability of this USA Strato bat if they want it to compete with durable USA youth bats such as Demarini The Goods and Easton ADV 360.


The 2023 Axe Strato bat is great for school players looking for a light-swinging bat for contact and power-hitting.

Talking about price, the Axe Strato 2023 costs reasonably, especially when compared with Demarini's one-piece alloy bat Voodoo One.

The bat offers a lightweight swing for a comfortable and consistent performance, so you must go for it if you want these features in your bat.

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