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2023 DeMarini CF Fastpitch Review

The 2023 Demarini CF fastpitch softball bat returns in the market, and it is almost similar to the previous model launched in 2022 with only a slight upgrade.

The bat comes in four drops, i.e., 11, 10, 9, and 8. Drop 8 and 9 come with relatively stiffer handles this year, whereas drop 10 and 11 are almost similar to the previous model except for the paint job.

The 2023 Demarini CF is a two-piece bat series which offers both end-loaded and balanced swing weights, (i.e., drop 8 and 9 are end-loaded, but drop 10 and 11 are balanced) .

Making it a great choice for diverse players. Also, the bat offers a great pop due to a massive sweet spot which does wonders for power-hitters.

Read this review to learn about the 2023 Demarini CF fastpitch bat.

2023 demarini cf fp bimg


The new 2023 Demarini CF gives great power and balance to the hitters who want to throw the pitches across the strike zone. The high school softball players love the bat for the great pop it provides.

This might not the the most powerful fastpitch bat, but it is the best fastpitch softball bat for contact hitters.

Vibrations and Sweet Spot

Like the 2022 CF, the new 2023 model does not let any vibrations pass on to hands during the game.

So, the players can deliver comfortable hitting without feeling unrest because of dampening vibrations upon mishits.

The 2023 Demarini CF comes with an all-new Paraflex Plus composite barrel with a vast and responsive sweet spot.

So, the players can practice their softball game with a consistent performance without missing any pitches.

Swinging and In-hand feel

The swing weight for drops 8 and 9 is end-loaded, thus most suitable for power hitters. On the other hand, the swing weight of drops 10 and 11 is balanced, so high school players love these bats to master their game.

In-hand feel of all the Demarini bats is great, and the Demarini CF 2023 is no different. The amazing in-hand feel of the 2023 Demarini CF is similar to that of its hottest competitor, the 2023 Easton Ghost.

Durability Concerns?

Unfortunately, the durability of the Demarini CF bat remained questionable even for the 2022 model.

However, the 2023 DeMarini CF comes with an added end cap called Tremor End Cap to protect the barrel, thus increasing the bat's durability greatly.

We hope Demarini further improves the durability of the upcoming batches so that the CF bat stays caught up to its competitors.


The Demarini CF is a solid competition to the Demarini Prism+ and Rawlings Mantra 2.0 . Though the durability of the CF could be improved, it is still better than Easton Ghost. However, the Rawling Mantra 2 has the best durability.

Of the four drops of the 2023 Demarini CF, our favorite is drop 11, which has the most amazing feel, ultra-light swing, and most sizing options.
Drop 10 is great if you want to add more weight to your bat.

Drop 9 and 8 have different handles to add stiffness, eight being the stiffest, and are great if you want power-hitting.

Regarding the price, the CF bats are way more cost-effective than the Easton Ghost competitors.

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