2023 Demarini the goods

2023 Demarini The Goods Review

The 2023 DemariniThe Goods baseball bat is a two-piece hybrid bat which is highly anticipated because of the mega success of its previous model.

The Goods finds its closest competitor in the 2023 Louisville Slugger Select PWR and Marucci CATX Connect baseball bat.

There are no significant upgrades in the latest model of DemariniThe Goods compared to the 2022 model. Except that the new model comes with a slightly lightweight endcap to increase the bat's durability

As the USSSA and USA variants of the 2023 The Goods baseball bats are specially designed for power hitters. The young players learning to practice the game would not find these bats suitable.

If you are looing for The DeMarini Goods BBCOR, please know that they are not releasing it in the BBCOR lineup.

Read the article down for a detailed review.

2023 Demarini the goods



The 2023 USA Demarini The Goods bat is designed for consistent contact and powerful performance in the game.

The massive X14 Alloy Barrel with a lightweight frame helps you to throw the pitches across the strike zone without compromising comfort.

Yet, the Marucci CATX Connect is considered the most lightweight option for a two-piece hybrid bat.


2023 Demarini The Goods USA bat gives players the power to smash the ball out of the strike zone with ease and comfort.

The bat is hot out of the wrapper and very powerful compared to a composite bat.

Vibrations and Sweet Spot


All new Type V Connection the Goods USSSA improves smooth energy transfer, and removes the vibrations upon missed hits.

So, the bat ensures you do not get any hand stings while smashing the balls across the strike zone. The Goods is a great hybrid USSSA baseball bat.

As you know, the larger the sweet spot, the more consistent and smooth performance a bat offers. The Goods bat wins here, too, as its barrel offers a wide sweet spot that ensures smooth and consistent hitting due to its wide and generous sweet spot.


The USA The Goods bat is well equipped to reduce vibrations upon missed hits. Thus ensuring comfortable hitting.

The bat pairs its Paraflex Plus Composite Handle with an alloy barrel for smooth energy transfer. Making it a  hot out of the wrapper youth baseball bat. The Type V Connection dampens the vibrations for smooth hitting.

The 2 5/8” barrel of this USA bat has a highly responsive and wide sweet spot gives great barrel control. That ensures no pitches are missed, thus a consistent barrel performance in the game.

Swinging and In-hand feel


The signature Half + Half Construction of the Demarini is also available inthe USSSA The Goods.

It offers a massive alloy barrel and solid composite handle for a powerful and stiff swing. Thus, making way for an easy and perfectly powerful swings.

The Goods has a heavier swing weight when compared to the competitors like Marucci CATX Connect. But they have added a lighter end cap this year to bring the swing weight to a convenient point for hitting.

As far as the feel is concerned, The Goods provides a comfortable and smooth-in-hand feel.


The 2023 Goods USA baseball bat also has a light swing weight due to the Half + Half Construction. The result is the massive alloy barrel and the solid composite handle for a powerful and stiff swing in the game.

Something that experienced power hitters love. The lighter end cap makes up for the heavier swing weight this bat has compared to other competing lines of the bat.

Also, the in-hand feel of this bat is comfortable and smooth to help you smash the ball across the strike zone without getting hand stings.

Feel was never an issue for Demarini, though, as the bat has been providing the nicest feel for years in different batting line-ups!

Durability Concerns?


Although they have tried to improve the durability game of the Goods USSSA. By adding a lightweight end cap, it still got some complaints so far.

The tracer end cap is made up of lightweight composite material. That improves the durability of the bat, but still there is room for improvement.


The Goods USA is durable. All thanks to its lighter end cap and the durable alloy barrel! This bat got only minor complaints about durability.

So we expect it to come out more durable than its competitor, Slugger Select USA as the season passes.


The USA and USSSA variants of The Goods bat make great choices for elite power hitters.

Though the durability of these bats is yet to grow on the players with time. We hope it would be a notable upgrade to the previous model owing to the lighter end cap Demarini introduced this year.

The price of Demarini The Goods USSSA is comparable to the Slugger Select bats.

But the Marucci CATX Connect costs more than the Slugger and Demarini.

The power hitters looking for an alloy barrel with a highly responsive barrel and a huge sweet spot. And a balanced to lighter swing weight.

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