2023 Easton Hype comp review

2023 Easton Hype Comp Review

Easton has released their greatest and latest two-piece composite baseball bat, the new 2023 Easton ADV Hype.

Initially, Easton launched only BBCOR bat in this line-up, and then they released a USSSA version soon after.

The 2023 Easton Hype composite bat is nothing but a visual and graphic upgrade on the structural framework of the 2022 Easton Hype baseball bat.

This 2023 bat feels much lighter and more comfortable than the 2022 model.

Easton Hype composite bat for 2023 is great for contact hitters who want a bat that helps them hone their baseball game with ease and comfort.

If price is not your concern, and you want to go for the best Easton bat for baseball, you can buy Easton Hype composite 2023.

To read a detailed review of the different features of USSSA and BBCOR Easton Comp, stay with this review:

2023 Easton Hype comp review



The new 2023 Easton Hype Comp is more balanced than the 2022 model. The bat is built to turn good contact hitters into great ones, offering them great pop without sacrificing comfort.

It offers great exit velocities to throw the pitches across the strike zone and the sweet spot is also big enough to avoid mis-hits.


The USSSA version of the Easton Hype Comp for 2023 baseball comes with the lightest swing, which gives the contact hitters explosive power. So, it gives them a chance to perfect their game even if they are hitting with no experience.

Vibrations and Sweet Spot


The bat efficiently reduces the vibrations reaching your hands during the hitting session. Easton has generated a great vibration-dampening system for seamless energy transfer during practice.

So, you get to practice your baseball game without getting any hand stings or discomfort.

The massive barrel and sweet spot are among the most promising features of this bat. The width and responsiveness of the new 2023 Easton Hype Comp are good for young contact hitters.

Due to this bat's big and generous sweet spot with the lightest swing, you hardly experience any mishits and enjoy a consistent performance.


The USSSA Easton Hype Comp for 2023 baseball effectively dampens the vibrations reaching your bottom hands, even on mishits. So, young contact hitters hone their baseball game with comfort and convenience.

The vibration-dampening system of the Easton bats has never disappointed baseball enthusiasts over several seasons.

The sweet spot of the new USSSA 2023 Easton Hype Comp baseball bat is another reason you would not look for alternative options.

The handle of the Easton Hype Comp 2023 gives off a massive sweet spot. Due to a big, highly responsive sweet spot, contact hitters practice their baseball game without mishits. Thus, the performance's consistency with this bat keeps the young players hooked to this bat. 

Swinging and In-hand feel


There were certain issues with the 2022 Easton Hype Comp swing due to the slightly end-loaded profile. But now, the 2023 Easton Hype Comp baseball bat has a comparatively more balanced swing.

Lightweight swing of this bat helps the new hitters smash pitches out of the field with great ease and convenience.

Also, there is nothing to complain about the in-hand feel of the Easton Hype Comp 2023 bat. Players who have swung this bat have found it the most comfortable and smooth in their hands.

Pro-stiff carbon handle of the 2023 Easton Hype provides hitters with a stiff feel needed for control throughout the game. 

The feel of this Easton bat is as good in providing comfort and control as that of the Marucci and Demarini competitors in the baseball world. 


The USSSA Easton Hype Comp bat for 2023 baseball comes with the lightest swinging material in the Easton family. Due to the ultra-light swing weight of this bat, inexperienced contact hitters effortlessly throw pitches across the strike zone.

The swing speed of this bat is also great, with huge exit velocities. Also, there is nothing to worry about regarding the feel and grip of the USSSA Easton Hype 2023 baseball bat.

The bat offers a comfortable hold during the practice so that new contact players hit the pitches without compromising their comfort and ease. The in-hand feel of this bat is in no way less appealing and soothing than that of the Marucci CAT X Connect competitor.

Durability Concerns?


There are plenty of high-performing two-piece bats in the BBCOR baseball market, and the decision of the players to stick to a bat largely depends upon how durable it is.

Luckily, the new 2023 BBCOR Easton Hype Comp has incredible durability. This bat undoubtedly lives up to the great longevity standards that the 2022 model of the bat set last season.


The durability of the 2023 USSSA Easton Hype Comp baseball bat could be much better. Many contact hitters found the bat to be highly unreliable regarding its longevity.

It was broken after only a few hits and produced a rattle. Also, there are complaints that the bat loses its pop after some hitting sessions.


The new 2023 Easton Hype Comp baseball bat is a great choice for contact hitters who want to hone their game with a light-swinging bat.

In-hand feel of the bat is great and offers a great combination of performance and control throughout the game. However, the elite power hitters do not find this bat exciting as they prefer a more end-loaded bat with a heavier swing.

Durability of the Easton Hype USSSA bat lags behind some of its top competitors in the market, such as the USSSA Marucci CAT X Composite.

However, the BBCOR variant of the bat has been impressive so far with its market-competitive longevity.

As the 2023 bat does not come with any notable upgrade from the 2022 model of the Easton Hype Comp bat, we recommend you go for the previous models to avoid paying extra dollars for a visual treat only.

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