2023 Echo Connect DMND FP Review

The Marucci has released its new fastpitch bat for softball players, the 2023 Marucci Echo Connect DMND.

This bat offers a comfortable feel, solid grip, insane pop, strong durability, and incredibly massive pop. The slightly end-loaded weight makes it one lovable choice for the contact players who now want to begin with the power hitting.

With performance no less than its competitors, Marucci's bat costs immensely less than Demarini's Whisper and Easton Ghost.

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The 2023 Marucci DMND Echo Connect softball fastpitch bat performs brilliantly. This two-piece composite bat is slightly more end-loaded than Marucci's one-piece bats.

With an incredibly great pop, this bat provides the smoothest yet strongest swing in the game.

Vibrations and Sweet Spot

The 2023 Marucci DMND Echo Connect has an amazing vibration-dampening system. The Liquid gel vibration dampening knob absorbs shock more rapidly and efficiently than the previous models.

Now, the sweet spot is the highlight of this bat. The highly responsive and flexible barrel of the new DMND Echo Connect bat offers an incredibly massive sweet spot. 

Swinging and In-hand feel

The 2023 DMND Echo Connect is known for providing a vibration-free swing. The slightly end-loaded barrel design of the bat provides one of the strongest swings in the Fastpitch.

However, new players with no expertise in hitting can struggle to perform well with this bat. 

After swinging with this slightly end-loaded bat, fastpitch lovers can switch to a completely end-loaded bat such as Demarini's Whisper for elite power-hitting.

The in-hand feel of the previous model of the Echo Connect was great, and the new model is also no different.

The bat provides the players with a comfortable and smooth grip. So, the hitters easily and comfortably throw the pitches across the strike zone.

The comfortable feel of this bat is comparable to some of the highest-performing softball fastpitch bats, such as Demarini's Whisper.

Durability Concerns?

The bat's durability is one important feature that determines the market competitiveness of a bat. The new Marucci Echo Connect DMND fastpitch softball bat has been successful in this regard.

The bat's durability is strong, and there are no notable complaints about its longevity, at least for now.

Like most of the fastpitch bats available in the market, it also comes with one year Manufacturer's warranty.


Like other Marucci variants leaving a mark over the years, the new Marucci Echo Connect DMND fastpitch softball bat is also one of the hottest bats of the season.

Durability is a feature where many fastpitch bats fail to impress the players; Marucci Echo Connect 2023 fills that gap.

Moreover, the 2023 Echo Connect has considerably less price than the competing bats like Easton Ghost and Demarini Whisper.

If you want to switch from contact hitting to power hitting and are searching for a bat with a wide sweet spot and incredible pop, we recommend you buy this Marucci bat.

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