Mantra 2.0 review

2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0 Review

Rawlings has launched the new successor of the 2022 Mantra series, 2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0, an innovative and modern two-piece composite bat for fastpitch softball. The 2023 version is almost similar to the previous model except for a few unique changes to make the new bat more durable.

The Rawlings Mantra 2.0 is one of the most well-balanced bats in the fastpitch. Also, the effortless and lightweight swing, little vibration, great pop, large sweet spot, and comfortable grip put Mantra 2.0 among one of the most successful fastpitch line-ups this year. Reasonable pricing of this bat adds as a decisive factor that leaves the Easton Ghost bats far behind.

Read the review article for a detailed 2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0 fastpitch softball bat analysis.


Rawlings Mantra2.0 is the most well-balanced fastpitch, with its weight evenly distributed throughout.

Like the previous Mantra model, Mantra 2.0 also provides excellent pop and throws the pitch out of the field.

The bat's performance is comparable to its Easton counterpart.

However, the insane power that the Rawlings bat provides due to its perfectly balanced lightweight build is unmatchable. 

Vibrations and Sweet Spot

Like the previous Rawlings Mantra bats, the 2023 Mantra 2.0 is excellent at dampening vibrations. So, expect comfortable and consistent hitting without getting any hand stings.

To upgrade the bat, the company has also improved the F2 Collar to reduce further or even eliminate the vibrations.

This bat's sweet spot is also large and more forgiving than most of the fastpitch bats you see.

Due to the wide and generous sweet spot, players can enjoy the game with minimum mishits.

Easton, too, has a large sweet spot, but the heavy swing weight turns off young players.

Swinging and In-hand feel

The 2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0 swings incredibly lightly and smashes the pitches off the field.

The perfectly balanced weight of the bat comes into play here and gives the hitters a comfortable hitting experience.

As expected, the in-hand feel of this bat is also grippy and smooth, like the past model.

Regarding comfortable grip and smooth in-hand feel, the Rawlings 2.0 is comparable to the 2023 Easton Ghost advanced bat.

Durability Concerns?

The durability of the 2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0 fastpitch softball bat is amazing. The strong durability game of this bat made it a mega success in the last year too.

Leaving behind the Easton Ghost competitors, which had significant durability issues.

Moreover, the durability of the drop -9 and -10 Rawlings Mantra 2.0 bat is greater than the past models because it comes with a new ultra-light end cap and a new handle design.

So, the reliable durability of this bat makes it worth the money!


Surprisingly, this bat has got nothing to complain about. From performance to durability and from in-hand feel to price, everything about this bat is on point.

Performance-wise, this Rawlings bat finds its closest competitor in Easton Ghost Advanced but offers far more durability and comes at a comparatively lesser price.

If you want a lightweight, balanced, comfortable, durable, and cost-effective bat in the fastpitch game, we highly recommend the 2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0.

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