2023 Louisville Slugger meta bbcor bat

2023 Louisville Slugger Meta Review

Louisville Slugger Meta bats have been successful in baseball over the years, and the new 2023 batch is out with only a slight upgrade to the 2022 model.

The bat has a balanced weight, swings lightly, and gives a comfortable in-hand feel to the young baseballers playing with the bat.

The bat is expensive, but you won't mind spending on it for the quality and performance it has to compete with Marucci CATX Composite and Demarini CF bats.

2023 Louisville Slugger Meta bbcor bat



Louisville Slugger’s meta-series has been performing well for years and has been one of the best three-piece composite bbcor bats.

No doubt, Meta is going to deliver the same performance on the plate, as always delivers, and provide players with an outstanding performance, so we hope the same as always in 2023.

The 2023 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR Bat delivers good bat control, and swing speed, with the power so that players can smash the ball.

Designed with composite material to empower top hitters, to generate consistent hard contact against the game’s elite competition.

Its barrel boasts an eye-catching green base, with Louisville Slugger’s iconic wordmark and shields emblazoned in gold.


The three-piece all-composite USSSA Louisville Slugger Meta baseball bat has a balanced swing weight, which provides great pop for young baseballers.


The new 2023 Louisville Slugger Meta bat for USA Youth baseball league has a balanced swing weight. So, the young hitters swing this bat happily for the control and pop it gives during the game.

Vibrations and Sweet Spot


Meta’s Handle is wrapped with the premium LS Pro Comfort Grip, the grip’s tack and cushion allow hitters to swing with confidence at every hit, and it also helps to reduce the vibration on poor hits.

Its upgraded Stiff 3FX Connection feature works to absorb all vibration that comes from mis-hits and maximizes the barrel's performance.


The efficient vibration-dampening technology of the new Louisville Slugger Meta baseball bat for USSSA leagues virtually eliminates all the vibrations that could reach the bottom hand of the young baseballers to cause discomfort during the game. 

The vibration-dampening system of this bat is equivalent to that of the Marucci CAT X Composite bat.

Moreover, the huge barrel of the 2023 Slugger Meta USSSA bat offers a highly generous and massive sweet spot. So, the chances of missed pitches with this bat are thin to none.

The sweet spot of the Louisville Slugger Select PWR is bigger and more responsive than Meta, though. 


Like the 2022 Slugger Meta, the new 2023 bat also does not let any vibrations get to the hands during the game. So, the young players can enjoy comfortable hitting without feeling unrest or sting to their hands.
The sweet spot is another lovable feature of this bat.

The new Slugger Meta bat's highly generous and flexible barrel offers an incredibly huge sweet spot. However, the sweet spot of the Slugger Select is even bigger and more responsive.

Swinging and In-hand feel


So after seeing its prior bat performance and popularity among players, there was no need to build it again with any major update. So meta launched with only two minor updates in 2023.

In this season Meta is upgraded with a 3FX-PWR connection, to pair its EKO composite barrel with a composite handle. And this feature dampens vibration while maximizing barrel performance with huge comfort.


Due to the balanced weight, the Slugger Meta 2023 swings lightly to help small players establish their game effortlessly.

Like the 2022 Meta, the in-hand feel of the new 2023 Louisville Slugger Meta baseball bat for USSSA leagues is fantastic. The bat provides great in the game for an effortlessly consistent performance

The likability of the in-hand feel of this bat is as good as Demarini's bats, known for their great feel.


This USA bat swings ultra lightly to give young baseballers a comfortable and consistent performance.

In-hand feel of all the Louisville bats is fantastic, and their Slugger Meta 2023 is no different.

The comfortable in-hand feel of the 2023 Louisville Slugger Meta USA is similar to that of its hottest competitor in the market, the 2023 Easton ADV 360. 

Durability Concerns?


So far there are no issues we can tell you about in the BBCOR Meta. Neither we expect it to have any issues. Meta has a great track record in the BBCOR lineup.


The new 2023 Louisville Slugger Meta 2023 USSSA bat has compromised longevity. Many complaints have been reported where baseballers had reservations over the bat's durability.

If Louisville does not fix these durability issues timely, the players will switch their Meta USSSA bats with some other durable options in the market, such as Marucci.


The USA Slugger Meta 2023 is a durable bat so far, as no complaints have been reported about the bat's shattering early.

So, the strong durability of this bat makes it worth every penny you spend on it.


The bat is ideal for smaller players as it swings lightly due to its balanced weight.

And the durability of the USSSA bat should be improved to make it the hottest bat of the season.

We recommend you go for the 2022 model of the bat if you can find it, as it would save you money, for the bat has no significant upgrades from the previous year.

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