2023 Louisville Slugger meta bbcor bat

2023 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR

Louisville Slugger’s meta-series has been performing well for years and has been one of the best three-piece composite bbcor bats

No doubt, Meta is going to deliver the same performance on the plate, as always delivers, and provide players with an outstanding performance, so we hope the same as always in 2023.

The 2023 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR Bat delivers good bat control, and swing speed, with the power so that players can smash the ball.

Designed with composite material to empower top hitters, to generate consistent hard contact against the game’s elite competition.

Its barrel boasts an eye-catching green base, with Louisville Slugger’s iconic wordmark and shields emblazoned in gold.

2023 Louisville Slugger meta bbcor bat

Louisville Slugger Meta 2023 Full Review

So after seeing its prior bat performance and popularity among players, there was no need to build it again with any major update.

So meta launched with only two minor updates in 2023.

In this season Meta is upgraded with a 3FX-PWR connection, to pair its EKO composite barrel with a composite handle. And this feature dampens vibration while maximizing barrel performance with huge comfort.

And the other new feature added in meta is its new color, except for these two minor updates all the bat's features are the same as the 2022 model.

Meta’s EKO Composite Barrel allows for lighter swing weights, and optimized sweet spot, with the truest sound in baseball.

Through Meta’s three-piece construction, it mitigates the vibration and is able to provide the batter with valuable feedback on mis-hits.

GT1 End Cap is designed to sit flush with the end of the barrel, it maximizes the length of the meta’s barrel, and gives players more space to make contact at the plate.

GT1 End Cap further enhances barrel control and optimizes the bat’s performance.


Meta’s Handle is wrapped with the premium LS Pro Comfort Grip, the grip’s tack and cushion allow hitters to swing with confidence at every hit, and it also helps to reduce the vibration on poor hits.

Its upgraded Stiff 3FX Connection feature works to absorb all vibration that comes from mis-hits and maximizes the barrel's performance.

Sweet Spot

The EKO Composite Barrel sits flush with the end cap of the barrel, which provides a wide barrel and delivers a great sweet spot sound. 


Louisville Slugger Meta is built with composite material, which makes it a durable bat.

Legal For 

Legal for Play in intermediate Junior League Divisions Of Little League

What Makes Meta better than CATX or Voodoo One?

While comparing meta with its top competitors like Voodoo One & CaTX.

We found out that meta’s durability is better than voodoo.

And if we talk about velocity or hitting power then CATX is equal to Meta. but if you talk about pop then meta is one step forward then catx.

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