Miken Freak-23 Kyle Pearson slowpitch softball bat

2021 Miken Freak 23 Kyle Pearson Bat Review

Miken's company has already made many softball bats. And all previous bats performed well on the softball playground. And success to get praised by softball players.

And like its previous version they made this bat that can fulfil slowpitch softball player demands and provide best performance on the ground.

Miken Freak 23 kyle Pearson 12” maxload slowpitch softball USSSA bat is constructed from premium aerospace grade fiber that provides legendary performance and durability.

Miken Freak-23 Kyle Pearson slowpitch softball bat

Miken Freak 23 Kyle Pearson Bat Review

Overview of This Bat

Miken brings this bat with two-piece of construction and they made it with composite material. This material provides this bat long durability.

This bat has a core technology that optimizes performance by utilizing an inner core tube which helps to increase compression for unmatched performance.

Features and performance of the Miken freak 23, slowpitch softball bat

This bat has many features which provide awesome performance on the field. Like C-4 proprietary Carbon Fiber this material is used to maximize the angle layup in the design and process for unmatched consistency and performance.

This C-4 proprietary carbon fiber is produced and developed in-house by world-class composite engineers.

Another best thing of this bat is, it comes with an E-Flex 360 Barrel, and this barrel is designed with exclusive C-4 carbon fiber material that allows for maximum flex.

This bat has a 12 inch barrel length.

And its barrel flexibility provides more performance, and durability 360 degree around the barrel of this bat.

There is one more best technology they use to make this bat, and that is F4P Technology. This new F4P tech helps to improve the handle to barrel energy transfer for maximizing the barrel flexibility and the performance of the bat.

Miken’s F4P helps to optimize the handle flex to barrel loading and this maximizes the overall speed of the bat head when hitting the zone.

Vibration of the bat

Miken this bat has an E-Flex 360 barrel that has the ability to tend and this type barrel is more flexible, so this bat has no vibration.

Its barrel and handle technology provide slowpitch softball players a great level of comfortability.

So they can hit the ball without any distribution of vibration.

Type of balance

This bat is maxload with (.5 oz)

Pop of this bat

This bat has an average pop with a sweet spot.

Durability of miken Freak 23, 2021, slowpitch softball bat

Miken used composite material to construct this slowpitch softball bat, and this material made this bat durable.

Available size and weight of this bat

This bat comes in the market with different size and weight, that are given below.

Available size and weight of this bat

34 inch 25 oz

34 inch 26 oz

34 inch 27 oz

34 inch 28 oz

This is the size with different weights of the bat. And players can choose one of these according to their requirements.

Approved to Play for:

This bat is approved for the USSSA, NSA,and ISA games, this bat is new NTS tested and comes with 240 compression stamps.

Warranty of this bat

This bat comes with a twelve month warranty, players should check before buying it. Because warranty is only approved from authorized sellers.

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