Guide For Baseball Bat Size

You know Whenever we are going to buy a baseball bat for our child. This question always comes to our mind that what is the right size of baseball bat for our child?.

What is the Right Size Baseball Bat for you kid?

There are so many parents who becomes confused in buying right size for their kids. Because some parents don’t know what size of bat fits according to his champ’s height and weight and wrong size of bat can put very bad impression on your kids playing style. 

So if you are also facing same problem, Read this "guide for baseball bat size" it will helps you to ignore all your doubts.

A Guide for baseball bat size for different age of kid.

It is very easy to consider the right size of baseball by measuring length, width and height of players. This guide for baseball bat size will help you.


Whenever you have to buy a right size of baseball bat for your kid, then you have to grab a bat and hold it with the barrel on the ground. Consider its handle should reach right about to his hip. ( keep it in mind the handle should not reach above to his waist).

A guide for baseball bat Size chart


Baseball length is only one half of the equation to find best size of baseball bats. You might find the right size for little champ, but what you do when it may actually be too heavy for him?.

So you have to consider it's weight before buying. The ideal weight is actually a bit trickier, and you should approach it differently depending upon the age of you kid.

Here I’m going to put a size chart which will show you the ideal bat weight and size is actually fits on different ages of kids.

Baseball Bat weight chart guide

Drop Weight: Guide for baseball bat size

Just to make an ideal weight of baseball bat is a bit more complicated, users should also consider the “drop weight” and the difference between the weight and length of baseball bats.

You can measure the drop weight by knowing some hacks. Like if a bat is 30 inches long with 20 ounces weight it would be considered a “drop 10” or expressed as -10.

Baseball Bat Drop Weight chart guide

What Bat size for 7 year old?

A 7-year old child should swing a bat whose size is between 24 and 28 inches. The 27-inch is the most common for the age group of 7 year. 

What Bat size for 8 year old?

The ideal size for an 8 year old child is 26 to 28 inches whose weight should be 18 ounces. This may be best for an 8 year old child.

What is the right bat size for 9 year old?

It is not easy to find the perfect size for a nine years old kid. Because on one hand he is growing and won’t need a bat for too long, and on the other hand most 9 year old child are starting to take baseball pretty seriously.

But I think the ideal size for a 9 year old child is 28” inches whose weight should be 18 ounces.

What is the right bat size for 10 year old kid?

After taking hundreds of parents' reviews for the size of 10 year old kits, a maximum of parents said 28 and 29 inches of baseball bats are good for 10 year old.

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