Easton Ghost Advanced Fastball Softball Bat

2021 Easton Ghost Advanced Bat Review

The Easton Ghost Advanced fastpitch Softball bat is the hottest bat in the baseball world.

It is approved for all levels of games, the easton ghost advanced fastpitch bat is second-generation double barrel design. 

Double barrel design combines a lighter inner barrel and another is a stronger outer barrel.

This helps to deliver the lowest compression in the game, and for maximum barrel flex with performance

Easton Ghost Advanced Fastball Softball Bat Review

Easton Ghost Advanced Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

Overview of The Bat

This bat is constructed with a double barrel design that provides fastpitch players with the best possible feel of the bat, Sound and pop in the baseball game.

There is a ConneXion Evolution technology that helps it to deliver almost zero vibration by doubling the amount of Nitrocell™ foam that is injected into the Connexion™ joint. 

Another best feature of this bat is it comes with Power Boost™ Soft knob Technology that is used to provide more leverage and power of potential.

It helps in all while reducing the vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand. 

Its grip is made with Custom Lizard skins, that provides baseball players a great level of comfort and it is best-in-class feel.

The custom lizard skin provides tack and cushion to players.

Features and performance of this bat

Double barrel construction made with composite material. The barrel is 2 1/4 inch in diameter.

The double barrel technology provides one lighter inner barrel and stronger outer barrel.

ConneXion Evolution Technology that produces almost zero vibrations on the field.

Provides an awesome feeling and is very comfortable because of its lizard skins custom bat grip.

Its custom lizard skin grip provides tack and cushion.

Easton Ghost Advanced Fastpitch softball bat has a power Boost feature that is Patent-pending “soft knob” technology that helps to provides hitter extra leverage and power potential.

Pop of The Bat

Its lighter thin handle helps to deliver awesome pop in the game, with a massive sweet spot.

Durability of this Bat

This bat is made from composite material that increases its durability.

Drop Weight of this series of bats

Easton Ghost advanced fastpitch softball bat made this series with 4 dropping weight sizes

It is made with a drop weight size.

-8, -9, -10, and -11

Players should check its drop weight before buying.

Available size of this bat with their weight.

Easton Ghost advanced made this series of bats with many different sizes and with different sizes their weight is different.

Available size and weight.

30”/20 oz

31”/21 oz

32”/32 oz

33”/33 oz

34”/34 oz

These are the sizes of easton ghost advanced bat, player can choose one among these sizes.

Approved for

This fastpitch softball bat is approved for all fastpitch softball associations, like USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA and NCAA etc.

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