Mizuno F21-PWR CRBN 2021

2021 Mizuno F21-PWR CRBN Review

The F21-PWR CRBN fastpitch softball Bat from the Mizuno brand features a black onyx carbon construction, which helps to increase durability and provide great pop with a shorter break-of period. 

This F2 PWR CRBN bat utilizes two main technologies to set them apart from competition.

This bat is made to keep in mind the power and performance.

Mizuno F21-PWR CRBN 2021 review

Mizuno F21-PWR CRBN 2021 Bat Full Review

Overview Of The Bat

This bat is mizuno’s new 2-piece bat construction that utilizes a patent-pending dual frequency damper to join the black onyx carbon barrel.

Another best feature of this bat is its detonator Cor technology design, which helps to create low barrel compression and the booming impact of sound.

This bat gives fastpitch softball bat players a smooth game-ready bat that provides a great feeling from the first swing.

Features and performance of this fastpitch bat

There is a patent-pending design in this bat which creates low barrel compression to provide the great performance, with improving impact sound of it.

Mizuno’s has the best feature of dual frequency damper, it helps to combine two different materials for vibration reduction and provide less flex for higher performance.

Players find in this bat a sfiff carbon handle that is used for reducing energy loss when impacting the ball at its higher ball speeds to put more energy in the ball.

A cylinder seaming feature that allows the bat for consistent performance and provides durability across the barrel.

Mizuno F21-PWR bat has a speed-Helix Grip that is designed to provide durability and comfortability to the bat.

Its Black onyx Carbon construction design increased the durability with a shorter break-in period.

Pop of the Bat

Mizuno F21-PWR  bat has great pop with amazing balance swing and no vibration, and provides great sound on contact.

Durability of the Bat

Mizuno F21-PWR CRBN Bat is made with composite material, which provides long durability to this bat. This bat is very strong, so it is too hard to break.

There are no any complaints about its breaking or checking still coming to the mizuno company.

Value for Money

This bat is made from the latest technology, and it has the ability to provide awesome performance on the baseball field.

It has a lot more pop and when you listen to its massive sweet spot sound. Then you realize this bat is worth your money.

Size and weight of the Bat

This fastpitch softball bat comes in the market with different sizes and weights. That is given below.

30 inch with 20 oz

31 inch with 31 oz

32 inch with 32 oz

33 inch with 33 oz

34 inch with 34 oz

These are the sizes and weight of the mizuno F21-PWR CRBN fastpitch bat that comes to the market. Players can choose one of them.

Approved to Play For:

This bat is approved to play for USSSA, ASA, ISA, WBSC/ISF, NSA certified ( players can play only fastpitch games).

Warranty of the Bat

This bat comes in the market with a one-year warranty. 

Players should confirm where they are going to buy this bat, because its warranty is Only provided by authorized shops.

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