Marucci Catx 2022 usssa bat

Marucci CATX Composite Bat Review

Marucci brand entered the composite bat world a few years ago with bang, and it provides a noise bat with the CATX Composite Baseball this year.

Cat Bats have ruled on the USSSA Scene from the past decade and Marucci catx composite bat is made with the same anticipated features. 

Did you know it is tough for the previous model to find a  mistake? So this CatX composite bat is made by including some new features which will take players' games to the next level.

Marucci Catx 2022 usssa bat

Marucci Catx Composite Bat Overview

Marucci Catx is the upgraded version of its previous model marucci cat9, the main difference between these bat is cat's new s-40 composite handle. 

Its handle is ~8-10% stiffer than previous cat bats, its handle provides unmatched performance by transferring energy faster from the batter to the ball.

The best feature of this composite bat is it includes a new custom-sized handle taper system for a more ergonomic fit that helps in improving bat control.

This Composite bat is constructed as two-piece with some of the highest technology in the baseball industry.

It is featured with a new handle/knob taper and a stiffer handle design that helps to deliver more energy transfer into the ball.

Catx has a “mid-balanced” swing feel. Marucci made this lighter version of usssa bats for all hitters to use. This bat is the most balanced of the cat x series.

2022 Marucci Catx Composite Bat Features

Catx USSSA 2022 has a large barrel of size 2 3/4 inch in diameter constructed from composite material.

It comes in three different weight ratios that are -5, -8, and -10, but this version of catx-5 is the most balanced bat. 

Marucci built it mid-balanced so that all hitters should be able to handle its swing feel.

Features with USSSA 1.15 Stamp that is a new NTS Certification.

It is built with multi-directional patterned layers of composite material. There is an Outer-locking system that is also known as the OLS system, that is used to attach the barrel to the handle from the outside in. and it also helps to reduce nearly all vibration.

Its ring-free barrel construction is responsible for allowing more barrel flex and increasing performance with no dead spots.

Its new S-40 Handle helps to transfer more power from player to ball: that is about 8-10% stiffer than its previous handle.

Performance of Marucci CATX Composite Bat 2022

It is providing lots of pop with its light swings feature, and people became fans of this bat after listening to its sweet sound. It is performing very well on the ground.

Construction Of the Marucci Bat

This best composite USSSA 2022 baseball bat is constructed as a two-piece with all composite material, by dropping three different weight ratios that are -5, -8, and -10.

Durability Of the Bat

USSSA CATX 2022 is durable enough, it is the latest bat that will be launched on 21 june 2022, so we have not come across any complaints yet.

Vibration of the bat

It has an Outer-locking system that provides the stiffest connection and reduces all vibration on miss-hit.

Size and weight of the bat

30 inch 25 oz

31 inch 26 oz

32 inch 27 oz

What are the certifications?

Yes it comes with an USSSA 1.15 Stamp certification stamp.

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