2023 Easton Alpha ALX Review

2023 Easton Alpha ALX Review

The 2023 Easton Alpha ALX is a one-piece baseball bat that is the same as the 2022 Easton Alpha ALX. Except for the paint and graphics, expect no major upgrade!

The Easton Alpha comes in different sizes, drops, and lengths. Also, there are three separate and distinct bats with stamps for USA, USSSA, and BBCOR.

Overall, the 2023 Alpha ALX baseball bat has a power boost knob. Light swing weight, solid grip, smooth feel, great sweet spot. And a reasonable price, with the BBCOR variant being the most in demand.

You can read the article for a thorough, detailed review of all three variants of the Alpha ALX 2023 baseball bat.

2023 Easton Alpha ALX Review



The BBCOR Alpha ALX certification has a balanced to slight end-loaded feel. Has a lightweight build, and swings easily, thus hitting some good shots.

However, the bat does not make an ideal choice for elite power hitters and experienced players who want to drop bombs with the bat.


With an average-sized barrel, the 2023 Easton Alpha ALX USSSA bat is the most suitable for young boys and girls.

Who wants to hone their game with contact hitting.

Due to the lightweight of the bat and the great pop it delivers, young players enjoy their game without sacrificing their ease and comfort.


The USA Easton Alpha ALX does not specialize in power-hitting.

The bat gives amazing pop and a light swing, but would not work for you if you want to shoot some smashing pitches across the strike zone.

Vibrations and Sweet Spot


The 2023 Easton Alpha ALX BBCOR bat is built to provide the players with more leverage while diminishing the vibrations.

So, players can comfortably hit the ball through the strike zone without getting stung in the bottom hand.

Also, the sweet spot is huge. Because of the ringless engineering process resulting from the Flywall alloy barrel design.


The sweet spot of the USSSA Easton Alpha ALX is also large and highly responsive due to the Flywall barrel design. So, expect a consistent performance only!


The 2023 USA Easton Alpha ALX comes with structural alignments.

That ensures players feel as little stinging while mis-hitting so that they hit the balls off the field without getting their hands stung.

To give the players a vast and generous sweet spot for consistent performance.

2023 Easton Alpha ALX USA bat features a Flywall barrel design. As a result of the vast, responsive ringless barrel, the players hone their game with minimum missed hits.

Swinging and In-hand feel


This single-piece alloy bat is made of R5 Alloy, a high-performing and lightweight material.

Because of the ultra-lightweight build of the bat, it is loved by budding players the most.

Although it has light-swinging bats, the swing weight of the Louisville Slugger Atlas is even lighter.

The in-hand feel is comfortable and smooth. The soft Knob reduces vibrations to give a soft in-hand feel.

Easton’s signature Flow-Tack grip provides the ultimate combination of cushion and tack, thus giving a highly likable feel.


The USSSA variant of the 2023 ALX bat swings lightly and smashes the ball out of the fence with an insane pop.

The lightweight alloy across the barrel makes it a hot choice for young players.

Also, it has a great in-hand feel. All thanks to the FlyWall barrel design, Power Boost Soft Knob, and Flow-Tack grip.

All these structural innovations add up to give off a smooth and comfortable in-hand feel.


One of the most likable things about the USA Easton Alpha ALX bat is that it swings smoothly and gives off an insane pop. So, the young players love swinging with this bat.

The Power Boost Soft Knob provides increased leverage. While minimizing vibration and giving a smooth, in-hand feel.

Also, Easton's most premium non-slippery Flow-Tack grip gives an ultimate combination of tack and cushion. Which provides the hitter with a soft and convenient hold on the bat throughout the game.

Durability Concerns?


The players love it for its longevity as they did in 2022. So, considering the user experience, you could confide in the durability of the 2023 Easton Alpha ALX -3 BBCOR.


No complaints are reported about the durability of the ALX USSSA baseball bat. So, we can safely say that the USSSA ALX will last longer


Many complaints put the durability of the USA variant under some serious suspicion.

There are many instances reported about the bat breaking off and something rattling inside the bat while it was looking OK from the outside.

If you want to purchase 2023 the USA Easton Alpha ALX, we recommend you wait until the makers fix the durability issue in the upcoming batches.


Looking at the features and the money they cost, the Easton Alpha ALX deserve more hype than they already have. The single-piece of the Easton Alpha ALX is comparable to the Louisville Slugger Atlas and Axe Strato.

Swing weight, In-hand feel, sweet spot, vibration, and power are essentially the same in these three variants of the Easton Alpha ALX.

Considering the durability, the Alpha ALX BBCOR is the most durable bat compared to the USSSA and USA variants of the 2023 Easton Alpha ALX.
However, the Alpha Alx bat with USA stamp has serious durability issues, making it an unlikeable option for many players.

As you know, pricing is another important factor that comes into play when the hitters are going to choose bats. Taking the bat's price into account, the BBCOR bat is considerably overpriced compared to the other two. However, Easton Alpha ALX bats cost less than the Slugger Atlas competitors. So, if pricing is your concern, choose accordingly.

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