2023 Easton black magic baseball bat

2023 Easton Black Magic Review

The 2023 Easton Black Magic baseball bat is here and features different sizes, drops, and lengths. So, there are two distinct batting ranges with stamps for USSSA and BBCOR leagues.

However, this comeback of Easton black magic bat is repaint of the 2022 Easton Alpha ALX model. Except for the slight durability changes, price, and paint job, there is no other notable variation.

Moreover, the USSSA Easton Black Magic 2023 bat features a -5 drop ratio option, which the Easton Alpha ALX does not.

Important to mention here that the most hyped thing about this bat is the retro paint job. Which holds a nostalgic value for the players who used to hit with the bat in the 1990s.

To read a detailed and holistic review about this Easton classic bat for BBCOR and USSSA leagues, continue reading this article!

2023 Easton black magic baseball bat



The BBCOR Easton Black Magic baseball bat is slightly end-loaded, so it makes a great choice for college players.

However, this alloy bat offers great pop and throws the ball out of the field without costing the hitters their comfort and ease.


The USSSA Black Magic has a monster barrel and offers an insane pop, so it is used excessively by college players who want to smash the pitches across the strike zone.

Overall, it is a great one piece USSSA baseball bat that looks awesome.

Vibrations and Sweet Spot


The Power Boost Soft Knob technology of the Black Magic BBCOR bat is instrumental in minimizing the vibrations by providing more leverage to the players. It also results in improved comfort for the lower hand. So, players can hit big without inconvenience as no vibrations reach the hands.

As you know, the big and highly responsive sweet spot ensures consistent and smooth performance in the game. So, the EASTON Black Magic BBCOR baseball bat features a ringless barrel design. Generates a wide sweet spot that is ultra-responsive due to the R5 alloy barrel so that you can smash the balls out of the fence with no missed pitches. Thus, a smooth hitting and a consistent performance!

The extent of vibration diminution and sweet spot enhancement of it is comparable to that of the Easton Alpha ALX BBCOR.


This USSSA baseball bat with BBCOR stamp reduces the vibrations and prevent getting to your hands. The bat features a Power Boost Soft Knob technology which offers a more solid grip while dampening the vibrations and enhancing the comfort of your lower hand.

The sweet spot of the Black Magic USSSA is also designed to enable practicing the game with consistent performance.

The Flywall design of the barrel made with a lightweight R5 alloy creates a larger and highly responsive sweet spot. With such an amazingly efficient sweet spot, there is hardly a chance that you miss any balls in the field.

Swinging and In-hand feel


The 2023 BBCOR Black Magic is a light-swinging one-piece bat that generates great pop. Due to this, baseball players love hitting the balls with this bat as it does not exhaust them of their energy as a bat with a heavy swing weight would.

The BBCOR line-up of the 2023 Easton Black Magic BBCOR provides the players with an impeccable in-hand feel. Easton’s most premium Flow-Tack grip offers the ultimate combination of tack and cushion.

Similar to the BBCOR Easton Alpha ALX, the Flywall design of the barrel also creates a smooth and soft feel upon contact. So, the players enjoy hitting the pitches across the strike zone without compromising their comfort.


The USSSA Easton Black Magic delivers nothing but light swings weight and an insane pop, the combination that players always look for in a bat.

The in-hand feel of the 2023 Black Magic USSSA bat for leagues is amazing. What else would you expect from Easton’s signature Flow-Tack grip? This non-slippery grip of the Easton bats also gives the hitters better control.

Due to the smooth and comfortable feel of the bat, players enjoy their game without worrying about their handing getting stiff or hurt.

Durability Concerns?


The durability of the BBCOR Easton Black Magic is not as good as that of the BBCOR Easton Alpha ALX. There are some complaints about the bat being broken off after a few initial uses.

Similarly, there is another issue: the end cap keeps rotating, giving an unpleasant experience with this bat.

So, the issues of the bat should be instantly fixed to make it value for the money.


Durability is where the USSSA Easton Black Magic struggles. There are many complaints about the bat developing a loud rattle in the barrel after some time.

Also, the vibration in the end cap area is another factor that downgrades the stature of the bat among its competitors. According to some users, the pop also drops after some pitches, which is another problematic thing.


The 2023 Easton Black Magic is a baseball bat with the graphics of the 1990s era and the technological innovation of 2023. Expect only a few differences from the 2023 Easton Alpha ALX.

Also, there is no significant structural or functional difference between the USSSA and BBCOR line-ups of the bat. The durability of both bats is the same and is comparable to that of the Easton Alpha ALX.

If you do not care for the nostalgic graphics this Easton’s Black Magic features, we recommend you buy the Easton Alpha ALX bat as it costs less and the features are almost similar. 

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