2023 DeMarini Whisper Fastpitch Review

The Demarini has released a new Whisper series in the Fastpitch line-up for the 2023 season, and it proves to be an addition of the advanced technology to the Demarini family.

The response about Whisper is great so far, and it has all the potential to become the best to come out of Demarini's factory.

However, the price of Whisper is higher than its Demarini counterpart, the CF bat. Whisper has the edge over Easton Ghost as it is a cheaper alternative for power hitters.

The comfortable feel, no vibrations, and big sweet spot add to the credibility of the bat. Great for power hitting!


The 2023 Demarini Whisper is an end-loaded bat that offers a dominant position to power hitters.

The bat offers a great pop with big exit velocities and delivers performance comparable to Easton Ghost and some of the other best-performing fastpitch bats of the season, such as Demarini CF.

Vibrations and Sweet Spot

Like other line-ups of Demarini, their Whisper series for fastpitch also comes with a good vibration-dampening system.

So, the hitters do not feel any inconvenience as the seamless energy transfer prevents vibrations from reaching their bottom hand.

The sweet spot of the 2023 Whisper is also massive and generous, so the hitters rarely miss any ball. Like the Demarini CF, Whisper offers consistent performance with minimum to no missed hits.

Swinging and In-hand feel

As the new 2023 Demarini Whisper is an end-loaded bat especially designed for power hitting, it does swing heavily.

So, with this bat, the young players with no power-hitting experience struggle to throw the pitches across the strike zone.

The in-hand feel of the 2023 Demarini Whisper fastpitch bat is great. The bat provides a stiffer handle for a solid grip and comfortable hold so the players can do rigorous hitting on the field without any inconvenience. 

Durability Concerns?

Goodness, the Demarini Whisper is solving the durability issues that the other Demarini batting series have had for years.

The Anomaly End Cap of the bat protects the barrel and thus adds significantly to the longevity of the Whisper.

However, only one model of the bat has come out, and it is too early to make bold claims about its durability, but the bat is doing amazing so far.

If Whisper wins at durability, it will soon take over Demarini's CF, Prism +, and the Easton Ghost.


Demarini Whisper for 2023 is an ideal bat for power hitters who want to play an intense game without compromising their comfort.

The bat has great durability, so it has the potential to overtake its competitors, which still need to convince the hitters of durability.

However, the price of the 2023 Demarini Whisper fastpitch softball bat is fairly high compared with 2023 Demarini Prism + and CF. However, Whisper is a cheaper alternative to the Easton Ghost.

So, we recommend the Demarini Whisper if you prefer a two-piece, durable, and an end-loaded bat with a comfortable feel and consistent performance.

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