Easton Ghost Unlimited FP 2023

2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited Review

The famous 2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited fastpitch softball bat is here to revitalize the overall great experience that players had with the 2022 Easton Ghost fastpitch bat.

The Ghost Unlimited comes in three drops, i.e., -10, -9, and -8. Drop -10 is balanced, whereas the other two are end-loaded, so the bats accommodate diverse players.

This bat takes your softball game to the next level by means of a sound responsiveness and great pop due to large barrel length and a larger sweet spot.

Further, you will find the ultimate combination of power and performance in this bat.

Ghost Unlimited needs to work on its durability complaints instantly.

Otherwise, it will easily fall behind its Marucci competitor, which has minimum to no durability issues, and costs much less than Ghost bat.

Easton Ghost Unlimited FP 2023


The new 2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited fastpitch softball bat provides an ultimate combination of power and control in the game.

The lightweight of the drop -10 bat appeals to young players who want to throw the pitches out of the field with great speed. Similarly, the end-loaded variants excite the experienced power hitters.

The large barrel and wide sweet spot always help the players increase stability and power throughout the practice.

Vibrations and Sweet Spot

The reverse-engineered internal connection point, where the outer and inner barrels meet, alleviates the weight for further optimizing the performance around a long barrel while significantly reducing the vibrations upon missed pitches.

Moreover, the Power Boost soft knob technology gives players more leverage while diminishing the vibration along with enhancing comfort for the lower hand.

The sweet spot of the Ghost Unlimited is also huge, all thanks to its 1” longer Double Barrel EXT design. Due to the extended length of the sweet spot, hitters perfect the game with ridiculously low missed hits.

The responsiveness of the bat is similar to that of Marucci Echo DMND bat in fastpitch

Swinging and In-hand feel

This one-piece bat swings lightly and helps the hitters easily get the ball across the strike zone. The new connection piece, the VRS1 internal connection joint, greatly reduces the swing weight for easy hitting.

The new Easton Ghost Unlimited fastpitch bat offers a comfortable in-hand feel so players can enjoy the game without compromising comfort. The Power Boost Soft Knob technology ensures comfort for the lower hand.

At the same time, Easton’s trademark Flow-Tack grip gives the most desired combination of tack and cushion for an even nicer feel.

Durability Concerns?

The bat's durability hinders its way of outshining the competitors.

Though, the makers have improved the bat's durability with the help of new soft knob material compared to the previous ghost models. However, more is needed to earn the durability the bat should come with.

Like the 2022 model, there are many complaints about this bat being broken and producing rattles after only a few initial uses.

The makers should look into the durability issues instantly to make the bat the ultimate love of the hitters.


The new 2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited is a one-piece bat known for easy swings and powerful performance.

Regarding durability, the bat has shown improved longevity compared to the previous variants and the Ghost advanced. However, there is still much more to do to make this 2023 Easton Ghost value for the money.

Concerning the price, the bat is heavily overpriced for a one-piece fastpitch bat. The closest competitor of this Easton Ghost bat, the Marucci Echo DMND one-piece composite bat is available in the market at less price.

However, if you have a solid budget and want to buy one of the best single-piece bats of the season, this is the one to go for!

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