2023 Louisville slugger select pwr 2023

2023 Louisville Slugger Select PWR Review

The 2023 Louisville Slugger Select PWR is an amazing addition to the Louisville Slugger bat range for the 2023 season. This bat is among the hottest bats of the season, designed to offer players a competitive advantage.

It is a hybrid baseball bat with different sizes, drops, and lengths. Also, the Slugger Select has three bat variants with stamps for BBCOR, USSSA, and USA.

The USA Slugger Select PWR baseball bat is similar to its 2022 model.

The USSSA variant for discontinued after the 2018 model; and is now launched again in 2023, so it is an entirely different bat now.

Select PWR for BBCOR comes with an end cap lighter than the 2022 model; the rest, there is not much upgrade from the previous model.

2023 Louisville slugger select pwr 2023



The Louisville Slugger Select PWR is the best BBCOR end-loaded bat. Also, the bat's barrel is longer than the other competing bats with the BBCOR stamps. Such as the 2023 Marucci CATX Connect. However, players find the Marucci bat super lightweight.

Due to the end load and long barrel of EDX premium alloy, this bat is great for power hitters. So, if you are a strong college or high school player looking to unleash your strength, look nowhere else.


The USSSA Slugger Select PWR is a balanced bat that provide an ultimate combination of power and speed. Unlike the BBCOR variant.

This USSSA variant is also loved by young players who want to improve their performance.


Similar to the USSSA variant, the USA Slugger Select PWR has also a balanced swing weight. And thus serves the most desirable combination of power and speed.

Due to the balanced weight, young players find it easy to practice with this bat.

Vibrations and Sweet Spot


The lesser the vibrations a baseball bat produces, the more desirable it gets. The BBCOR bat has a three-piece design based on a PWR Connection System.

That provides a solid feel that minimizes the vibrations upon missed hits. So, the bat ensures smooth and comfortable hitting without causing any stings in the hands.

Also, the EDX Premium Alloy barrel of the 2023 Select PWR is longer than the usual BBCOR bats. Giving a responsive barrel and a bigger sweet spot. So, there are minimum to no chances of missed hits with this bat.

The responsiveness and generosity of this bat's sweet spot are comparable to the Marucci CATX BBCOR baseball bat.


The USSSA Slugger Select PWR baseball bat is a great performer in reducing the vibrations upon every missed hit.

The PWR Connection system gives a solid feel and ensures no vibrations are passed on to hands when you miss the balls.

Moreover, the bat has a longer-than-usual Barrel, which gives a long and highly responsive sweet spot. With such a responsive and wide sweet spot, you hardly miss a ball.


When reducing the vibrations on missed balls to ensure smooth and comfortable hitting. The PWR Connection System of this baseball bat does the job.

So, the players experience comfortable hitting without getting any hand stings.

The sweet spot of the USA Louisville Slugger Select PWR baseball bat is also large and has a responsive barrel.

All thanks to the half-inch longer barrel than other competing models in the market. So, expect no missed shots with this bat!

Swinging and In-hand feel


The 2023 Slugger Select PWR BBCOR baseball bat has a power swing-weight for maximum distance and increased momentum.

The powerful swing of this bat is obtained by shifting more weight towards the barrel end, thus generating a more fluid swing.

SBD-Gen2 end cap is also functional in increasing the bat's swing by redistributing the bat's weight towards the barrel end.

Also, the in-hand feel is great. 3FX-PWR Connection System offers outstanding comfort without compromising the stiffness necessary for smooth energy transfer.

Moreover, the Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip provides cushion and tack for a more desirable ad smooth feel.

The in-hand feel of this bat is comparable to that of the Marucci CAT X bat.


The balanced swing weight of the USSSA Select PWR provides an amazing combination of power and speed.

So, the bat offers an insane pop and throws the ball across the strike zone without costing the hitters their ease.

Also, the Vibration Control Connection System of the bat permits independent movement. Handle and barrel for controlling vibration and provides an unmatched in-hand feel upon contact.

The Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip provides added cushion and tack to enhance the bat's control and feel throughout the game.


The 2023 Slugger Select PWR USA is a balanced two piece bat that provide the needed combination of power and speed.

So, the bat swings lightly and gives a great pop that the young players love the most about this bat.

Also, the USA bat has a Vibration Control Connection system allowing free movement between the handle and barrel.

Providing a great in-hand feel by reducing the vibrations considerably. Similarly, the Premium LS Pro Grip of the bat improves the feel while hitting the balls.

Durability Concerns?


The 2023 USA Louisville Slugger select PWR baseball bat has a great durability.

Previous model of this BBCOR bat got few complaints, and we expect that the 2023 model will also be durable enough.

Since Demarini, the closest competitor to the Slugger, is not launching The Goods bat in the BBCOR lineup. And also that 2022 The Goods had some major issues.

Slugger Select PWR is still the safe choice to make despite the few complaints it got.


Slugger has not released a USSSA variant of the Select PWR bat since 2018. It's in 2023 that they are releasing a new model after a hiatus of 5 years.

Though the bat's durability is yet to be seen after players use it for some time. We expect it to be durable given the previous record of the Louisville Slugger bats.


The 2022 select PWR USA had received some complaints about the breaking off the bat and the chips in the barrel.

Most users found that the bat to be great, but few complained. In the 2023 model, it is expected to be the same as the previous model, as no significant upgrade is made.


The 2023 Louisville Slugger select PWR baseball bat is a hot competitor of the Marucci CATX and Demarini The Goods. However, the durability issue of the Demarini bat is a hindrance. Marucci works great for power-hitting.

The USA and USSSA are a hot choices for many young players. While the BBCOR bat is highly in-demand for the strong college and high school players looking for power-hitting.

Apart from being end-loaded, the Connection Piece of the BBCOR variant also differs from that of the USA and USSSA variants.

If we talk about cost, the USA and USSSA variants of the bat cost the same, but the BBCOR is highly priced compared to the other two.

Overall, the 2023 Louisville Slugger Select PWR baseball bat is a high-performing bat with something to offer everyone.

If you are looking for contact hitting, the USSSA and USA variants offer you mid to lighter swing weight. You can choose the end-loaded BBCOR variant if you are a power hitter.

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