2022 Stinger missile bbcor bat review

2022 Stinger Missile 2 BBCOR Bat Review

Stinger’s Missile is constructed for high performance as their renowned NUKE BBCOR Bats and is specially designed to provide a lighter bat, and players can find it at an affordable price.

This One-Piece BBCOR bat that is designed with all-alloy material is best for a contact hitter to consider their swinging.

A Power Balanced Technology developed by the stinger will allow this bat to perform top performance right out of the wrapper.

2022 Stinger Missile 2 BBCOR Bat Review

Stinger missile bbcor bat

Missile 2 BBCOR Bat has some great features that make it one of the best one-piece high school bats. It looks really cool and swings really well too.

Players can exit Velo radar numbers when the compression to their old baseball bat. The best part of this bat is it seems to be getting even better with use.

Stinger Sports made this bat set out to be a top-performing BBCOR bat at an affordable price. It has many features like it is crafted to have an extremely balanced feel and light swing weight.

Stinger Missile 2 BBCOR Bat Overview

Stinger is a one-piece BBCOR bat constructed with all alloy material, that contains 2 5/8 inch barrels in diameter. It is made by dropping the 3 length-to-weight ratios.

This bat is available in three different colors: military green, black, and gold, and it is crafted by power-balanced barrel technology that produces high exit velocities and pops right out of the wrapper.

For optimal bat control, there is a premium grip available here and that also helps to provide a high tack and soft feel.

Players will find an amazing quality and price with a stinger bat, stinger bats are committed to making best-level BBCOR bats at the lowest price that everybody can afford.

It is featured with a High tack and soft grip that is combined with a Knob taper that helps to allow for a professional feeling of hitting experience and also provides comfort to its users.

Stinger missile 2022 bat is provided balanced swing feel it is much lighter-feeling than its old version “The Stinger Nuke BBCOR Bats and Even the previous Edition of the missile Bat”

Features of This BBCOR Bat:

It has 2 5/8 inches of barrels in diameter and is built with a dropping 3 lengths to weight ratio.
It is an Ultralight bat and has a balanced swing weight that helps to optimal control to its users.

Power-balanced barrel technology is available in this bat.

It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a two-toned honeycomb grip with three different colors: matte military green, black and gold accents.


2022 Stinger Missile BBCOR Bat has a pro handle that features a 271 inspired taper with an ergonomic knob shape to cater to all baseball players grip styles. And Grip includes high tack and soft feel for optimal bat control which helps to reduce the vibration of the bat.


It is designed to produce high exit velocities, and delivers lots of pop with massive sound.

The Durability

Stinger Missile 2 is made of all alloy material that provides long durability and stability to this bat.

Legal for Play In

This BBCOR Bat is certified for play in high school, college play and in intermediate (50-70) and junior league divisions of little league baseball.

Size and Weight of This Bat:

Stinger Missile 2022 BBCOR Baseball Bat Comes in four different sizes and weights in the market. So Baseball lovers can choose one of them according to their size.

31 inch 28 oz

32 inch 29 oz

33 inch 30 oz

34 inch 31 oz

These are the different sizes and weights that are available which players can buy.

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