2023 Marucci CATX Connect BBCOR Bat

Marucci CAT X Connect Review

Marucci has just released another iteration of one of their most lauded batting series in the baseball game. The new 2023 Marucci CATX Connect bat are made with considerable upgrades in the CAT9 series to take your baseball experience to the next level.

The upgrades include new and improved barrel profiles for fast swing speed, a new liquid-gel vibration dampening knob, and a customized handle taper as per the size. So, it is not a relaunch with the changed graphics and paint job you usually see.

As the CAT9 has already been a successful bat series, the CATX series completely justifies the hype and makes it one of the most popular choices for college baseball players.

Marucci CATX Connect series finds its top competitors in Demarini The Goods and Louisville Slugger's Select PWR.

CATX Connect comes with BBCOR and USSSA league certifications. An in-depth overview of the features of both BBCOR and USSSA CATX Connect bats is given below!

2023 Marucci CATX Connect BBCOR Bat



The 2023 Marucci CAT X Connect BBCOR is an end-loaded bat. So, college players looking for a powerful bat to swing for power-hitting with great pop and control in the game love this bat. 


The new two-piece hybrid USSSA CATX Connect bat 2023 has a finely tuned barrel that slightly balances the end load for fast swings with great pop, thus offering a powerful performance with immense pop. 

Vibrations and Sweet Spot


Like the CAT9, the CATX Marucci also does not cause any unrest to your hands while practicing the game.

The CATX bat features a new liquid-gel that dampens virtually all the vibrations and ensures a smooth hitting experience. Due to this liquid-gel end knob, the baseball players do not get uncomfortable even upon missed hits.

The bat features a big barrel with a huge sweet spot which gives a consistent performance with minimum to no missed pitches.

So, you can enjoy a smooth and consistent bat performance. The forgiveness and responsiveness of the sweet spot are comparable to that of the Slugger Select BBCOR 2023. 


The vibration-dampening system of this bat is highly efficient and does not let any of them reach the hand during the game.

The Marucci has introduced a new vibration-dampening liquid gel to ensure a seamless energy transfer for an easy game. So, you do not get any hand stings even if you miss some pitches, and thus enjoy smooth hitting with this bat.

The USSSA CATX Connect has a long barrel which offers a massive sweet spot. With that, there is rarely a chance that you miss any balls during the game.

So, the high responsiveness and generosity of the sweet spot make the hitting practice consistent and comfortable for the players. 

Swinging and In-hand feel


As the BBCOR CATX Connect is a two-piece hybrid bat with an end-loaded design, the swing of this bat is powerful. Due to its powerful swing, expert baseball players use this bat for power-hitting.

In-hand feel of all the Marucci bats is phenomenal. The new CATX Connect bat is no different. You will find no discomfort when hitting with this bat during your baseball game.

CATX Connect baseball bat offers a smooth grip with a comfortable feeling, just like the 2023 Louisville Slugger Select PWR baseball bat.


The new Marucci CATX Connect baseball bat with the USSSA stamp contains a new barrel design profile, which improves the bat's overall performance, having lower balance points to give faster swing speed.

So, the new 2023 CATX Connect Marucci bat for the USSSA baseball game offers a power-generating swing with big exit velocities, something that power hitters look forward to.

Also, the in-hand feel of this bat is incredible. The USSSA CATX Connect 2023 bat provides players with a solid grip that enables them to practice their game comfortably and easily.

The feel of this bat is as comfortable as the bat, mostly known for its great feel, the Demarini The Goods for baseball.

Durability Concerns?


The durability of the new 2023 Marucci CATX Connect baseball bat is strong. Also, the longevity of the previous model of this bat was great, and this version follows suit.

The impressive longevity of the bat makes it one of the most popular BBCOR bats among power hitters.

The bat offers as strong durability as that of the Slugger 2023 competitor.


The new CATX Connect baseball bat for 2023 features great longevity. The CAT9 bat for baseball did not get complaints about the longevity being questionable. And the new 2023 Marucci's CATX Connect baseball bat for BBCOR is also going great for its durability.

The top competitor of CATX Connect, Demarini The Goods 2023, fails to satisfy players with its longevity. So, the power hitters rush to the Marucci alternative, which is worth the money because it offers great durability.


Marucci has launched this bat with many upgrades to its previous model. The new CATX Connect makes a great choice for power hitters looking for a durable bat for the BBCOR and USSSA leagues in baseball.  

Also, the USSSA and BBCOR bats provide a solid grip and comfortable in-hand feel to the power hitters during the game. This bat also features a new liquid-gel knob which adds to the comfortable hitting experience even when you miss some pitches.

Talking about the price, the USSSA CATX Connect for drop 10, 8, and 5 costs about 380 USD, whereas the BBCOR CATX Connect costs almost 400 USD.

So, the cost of the Marucci CATX Connect 2023 is almost similar to that of the Louisville Slugger Meta 2023. However, The Goods 2023 costs less than the new CATX Connect.

The CATX Connect is a high-performing bat in USSSA and BBCOR leagues, offering a strong swing to elite power hitters.  So, you should stay away from the bat if you are an inexperienced young player just starting out your baseball practice. 

If you have a thing for Marucci, we recommend you go for this new CATX baseball bat this season.

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